Booster amplifier "Pulsar 4-125A/SE"

After long months with Stax "Pluto 2A3/SE" amplifier, I was looking to use it as a driver amplifier for "something bigger". This booster amplifier is quite ambitious project, with lethal voltages around 1300V. 

Wikipedia: "A pulsar is a highly magnetized, rotating neutron star or white dwarf, that emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation."
 Simulated peak voltages on anode at full power are huge. Up to 2500V. Think twice about safety & insulation.

Few design points: 
*Schade FB on radial beam transmitter tetrodes 4-125A  (MOSFET A2 drive), 
*using Stax headphone amp transformer secondary, as driver with mentioned Schade drive,
*toroidal output transformers, 
*mercury DCG4/1000 (or maybe xenon 3B28) rectifiers, (Hg tubes can backfire when overloaded..)
*choke input DC filter (is a must for these tubes),
*foil HV capacitors only
*industrial switching 5V 30A supplies for endstages,
*Hammond 1500VCT 724A HV trafo, with hybrid bridge (because 3000VCT  735A is very expensive)
*size and weight of final product, probably will be a pain in the ass..
Coming soon, hopefully.

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